Inter FC Calendar 2015/16

We’ve seen in yesterday post that it could be possible to get a full Serie A Calendar 15/16 but how should I get a single one like, e.g., Inter FC Calendar?

In Sports Open Data you’re able to get all the rounds for a specific team simply by calling rounds api by adding a parameter, in this case team_id. Team_id is a unique identifier that it could be possible retrieve simply by using our teams API request: in this way you’re able to get the full calendar of your favourite team and you could us it in easy way in your websites.

Inter FC Calendar is only one of the available calendars in Serie A Tim Calendar 2015/16: in fact you could find the specific calendar for each team that it’s going to play Serie A League in next incoming season. So as for Inter FC Calendar you’re able to get AC Milan Calendar, Juventus Calendar, AS Roma Calendar and so on…

So, how could i get Inter FC Calendar? Simply calling this API:

in our case team_id is equal to 9 because 9 is the unique identifier for Internazionale FC. As explained above, to get your favourite team team_id you simply ask teams API to get and retrieve the desired calendar.

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