Sports Open Data video speech @ Open Data Day 2017 Milan

Last Weekend we have been invited by Milan City Hall for their local event 4X4 Open Data Day Milan 2017

A really important day for us on March 4th when we’ve been one of the official guest for 4×4 Open Data Day Milan 2017 with an important speech about Sports Open Data, how it works and which should be its possible project with City of Milan and, eventually, with governance entities. An important speech for us because makes us able to understand in a clear way what we’re doing and moreover what should we do in a possible synergie with a City Hall all over the world.

Here you should watch a video about our speech, thanks to Radio Radicale to make it available from its website with a live webcast: our audience is completely italian so this speech is in italian language; we made available also a pdf (available here: Sports Open Data @ Open Data Day Milan 2017 ). Also this pdf file is in italian language: if you would like a version in english or in your language feel free to ask and we try to do it to make it accessible for your audience.

This is a big step forward for Sports Open Data becuase make us available to get a great visibility to City of Milan but also to a great audience that we should catch through Radio Radicale Live Stream and of course to Francesca Montemagno that believes in our project. We don’t remember also from our open data community: Spaghetti Open Data that help us to understand better how to manage and deliver open data with our API Rest.

Really thanks a lot to everybody help us to get this important step and to everyone feel interests to what we do: we continue on make our service better day by day and grow with more leagues and sports of course. Let us know what you think about the speech by using comments, skype or an email: we’re here to help you use open data and help your business grow thanks to it.

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