The Future of Sports Open Data

We’ve thought a lot about Sports Open Data future in these days and now it’s time to update you about that. Are you curious? Simply read more…

It’s about 1 year and 6 month that Sports Open Data starts to deliver its service, first of all simply with Serie A data and then by deliver to your every week more and more data and by increasing our archive. An impressive service (as described on JokeCamp ) that should try to deliver open data in sports stats. A difficult work in a market where there were great market leaders and a great number of middle-low distributors.

We’ve tried to understand if Open Data should be the way: how should we deliver for free something that everyone sells? How should we survive if no one helps us? So we started thinking about a no-profit organization where everyone should help Sports Open Data growth day by day: interesting way but we shouldn’t be able to be a strong competitor for customers that should use our serivces.

So now we’ve spent enough time to tell you that … now we’re a company and we’re able to distribute to you all the service you need and you want. Anyway, don’t worry, we continue delivery our stats in Open Data way: you should get for free all the data available simply we’ve created a rate limit (100 request a day) that we consider a good way to help you to continue to use our service: if you need more requests simply contact us and we evaluate a proposal fit to your needs.

If you want to discover more information about Sports Open Data simply go on How It Works page and feel free to contact us by our contact form, by Skype, by Phone, by comment this post or simply by email: we’re here to help you use our data and to help Open Data grow day by day also thanks to your use.

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