Changed Value for Round

Hi guys, we’ve decided to make a change to a value for a response in our Apis: take a look to this post to get more info about that.

After some talks with some of you developers we’ve decided to change the round value from the italian “giornata” in a more english-generic “round”.

We’ve talked a lot about here in Sports Open Data about this change because it’s not really graceful to change a value of an API that a great number of developers (at this time more than 1.200 on mashape) use every day.

Take a look to our documentation and feel free to open issues or contact us here to get more info about that or to notify any errors or problem you may find out: we’re here to help you to create everything you want with our apis, help us to make our apis better. And remember, if you want, to support us through a donation on Paypal

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