Donate on Paypal to help Sports Open Data

After 1 year of great service in Open Data we’ve enable a paypal donation support to help us to support Sports Open Data alive.

We’ve made great results with Sports Open Data in this last year: we’ve created a great developers community based with more than 1 thousand developers on Mashape, we’ve reached more than 50K requests a month on our Apis through leagues we deliver you day by day, with a 24/7 service available.

We’ve done great things based only on hours and hours of passion for what we do, simply by doing what we need to make our api better day by day: trying to engage more people and discovering which projects are going to start based on our open data service simply to learn how to make it better and what you want or, moreover, what you need.

So what we’re asking you is to help us continue to make this dream true day by day, month by month, year by year: to do that you should simply donate on paypal how much you want; feel free to do that cause your help could make us able to improve what we do.

Wanna do that: simply click on the following button guys…


For everything you do day by day… simply Thanks a lot.

Sports Open Data Staff.

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