Case Study: GiocaSi

After one year of work we’re proud to introduce to you a new category where we’re going to make visibility to who use our APIs and how they use them. Our first case study is at this time GiocaSi.

GiocaSi is a betting website property of XBET based in Italy. With their previous professional experiences and technological improvements, matching their financial strong position, XBET is a great partner for qualitative standard and service level in betting world.

Based in Siracusa, Italy, GiocaSi allow this kind of bet:

  • Sport Betting
  • Poker and Casino
  • Bingo
  • Lotto

Sports Open Data helps Giocasi with its standings widgets: you could find some examples of the widget used on Serie A Widget Page

On Giocasi you should find the same widget in the link above on the betting page for Serie A League. Specifically Giocasi used our default widget and they put a custom css file to create its own style: by doing that they could forget how a widget work and put their interest over the style of the widget. So starting from SOD Default widget (created with a purple color) Giocasi has create different colors for teams in “Europe Cups” zone or relegation position.

If you would like to see GiocaSi example you should go on their Serie A Betting Page

What do you think about this first integration? Would you like a similar integration? Feel free to experience yourself with our api (you should find a complete documentation on Mashape) or feel free to comment on this post or contact us by email or skype: we’re glad to answer to you and study the better way to integrate our APIs to your website or services. And be part of Sports Open Data Case Studies.


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