Historical Data for Italian Serie A

After some weeks where we’ve added a lot of new leagues it’s now time to look back and get historical data for Serie A.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our current season open data information about Serie A, Premier League, La Liga and more others league (to get more info, please go on http://sportsopendata.net/our-services/ page) we’ve received also a lot of contact where we were asked to improve historical data for statistic purpose.

One of this purpose is, for example, for betting or betting prevision where get knowledge about what happens in past against two teams or basically in a league it could be very important to build a solid result set and try to model a previsional graph about what should happens in future.

Anyway let’s come back to data and discover what should you find: first of all we’ve started with serie A league and you could find data available from season 2000-2001: this is only the first step of a road that we’re going to cover to improve our dataset and get it more interesting for you and your purposes.

Have you got a specific need about our data? Feel free to contact us by email or on social network; we’re here to help you improve your project and to make our data more complete and interesting. You need open data but, most important, open data needs you.

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