Sports Open Data candidate for Funky Prize 2016

It’s really fantastic to get positive feedback day by day from who use our APIs but be officialy candidate to an important Italian Prize it’s simply unbelievable.

It’s more than 1 year that we’re working hard on Sports Open Data Api and we’ve spent a lot on that in different periods: there were months were we’re simply crazy and excited to create a new interesting service in a new way to improve, other ones where we were quite depressed and we would like to stop everything because it’s a no way project.

But everytime we look forward to Sports Open Data we see that, before any our thought, every week an unknown person try to contact us with several questions and requests, maybe to take over his/her project simply to get open data reusable for his website by keep the terms of use right. This is the key point of Sports Open Data: we’re open data and if you read our terms of use, our data are completely reusable and resellable: we don’t want anything from what you sold; what you earn it’s completely yours.

And when you’re officialy candidate to a prize based on innovation and technology, like Funky Prize is, we’re proud to be part of the competition where we could also try to win the final prize of 15K euros that could allow us to create and maintain new projects like new leagues or new sports to be followed.

The only we could ask to you is to share our nominee and promote what Sports Open Data is: this could not help us to win but it could be a way to share what open data in sports could be and help us to get more visibility and maybe get more collaborators to monitor new leagues: Sports Open Data lives through data like you, you don’t need any specific attribute, simply have the desire to collaborate for something that could be delivered to everyone all over the world.

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