How it Works

As described in home page Sports Open Data is a no-profit Open Organization based on sports analytics delivered in open data way. But how it really works Sports Open Data?

First of all, remember that to use and get Sports Open Data info from our REST Api you don’t need to pay anything and you don’t need to be a member of Sports Open Data Organization: simply you’ve to register yourself on our website (by our registration form or simply by contact us with contact form in home page); registration is completely free and we request to you only your email address and your name and surname. By register yourself on Sports Open Data you also allow us to deliver to you our newsletter where you could receive API updates and fixes and also upgrades to service and much more.

Free usage of Sports Open Data API has a limitation: you’re allowed to do only 10.000 requests a month; it’s a limit needed to allow us to deliver service in a good way to anyone who want it. Maybe you’d like to use it without any kind of limitation? It could also be possibile simply by become a member of Sports Open Data Organization. Membership will cost you yearly 500,00 Euros but make you able to be really part of our organization. You’re able to partecipate to our meeting, in live way or remote way as you like, and you could be part of our organization life by discovering what we’re researching on and be part of that studies maybe help us to complete our projects.

But I could be part of Sports Open Data only by becoming a member? Of course not. Members are the final user of our API service, but to make them better day by day we need collaborators to help us in our project. First step to become a collaborator is to ask to become a Volunteer of Sports Open Data No-Profit Organization: as a volunteer you’ll be asked to help service works better like following sports matches, make some data entry and get data real-time updated on our APIs. Do you think that data entries could be a poor work for you? Don’t think that, dude! Consider that also Sports Open Data co-founders do that to make the service really professional and usable for a lot of purposes.

Your volunteer work it couldn’t be done for anything (of course…). As Sports Open Data grow you could be stable part of our collaborators and get also a fee for every works you did for this no-profit organization; maybe now data-entry could be more interesting don’t you think?

Would you like to become a volunteer? Just start contact us by contact form and first of all get in touch with us. We’re waiting for you.