Soccer Match Event Categorization

Soccer Match Event Categorization is an important project for Sports Open Data: based on this project will be defined all the events we’re going to monitor with our service. The purpose of this project is to define an assets of event type during a match that could be use as a standard for each development[…]

Fabio Sgroi

Fabio Sgroi was born in Palermo on Match 8, 1983. He lives and works in Milan. Always passionate about computer science, sports and cinema. He has been graduated in compuer engineering in 2005, from the beginning he started working in Information Technology. He works as a Web Developer at Digital Virgo Italia. He improved his[…]


Optimized Search with Team Identifier

Try our new search with Team Identifier on standings and matches APIs: get data resulted faster and easier to use with this more performing index. As you know, Soccer Sports Open Data APIs are available, until next season, in beta version; according to this kind of version now it’s possible to search for standing and[…]

Riccardo Quatra

Riccardo Quatra was born in Palermo on January 19, 1973 but he lives and works in Milan. He has been graduated in Educational Science. After he has been graduated, he try to transform, successfully, his passion about information technology in his job: based pricipally on web, he has a 15 years old experience about everything[…]

Paolo Riva

Paolo Riva was born January 13, 1982 in Seregno (MB). He’s a big fan of Information Technologies and Sports, in particular football or soccer as you like. He works as a Web Developer c/o ContactLab and in his free time he works as a Scout. From about 2 years he’s a Soccer Talent Scout and[…]