Soccer Match Event Categorization

Soccer Match Event Categorization is an important project for Sports Open Data: based on this project will be defined all the events we’re going to monitor with our service.

The purpose of this project is to define an assets of event type during a match that could be use as a standard for each development we’re going to do in Sports Open Data.

Soccer Match Event Categorization is an important need to understand how deep could be our Open Data service and which kind of events could be delivered for free and which not. Moreover this kind of project could be useful to define different level of knowledge, to assign a correct set of events to every collaborator related to their knowledge. The step could be the following:

1) Understand how many levels could be defined
2) Take a look for several match and define a set
3) Define categories and subcategories
4) Produce an excel file containing all the sets: document will be provided for free on Sports Open Data Website.

Wanna know more about this project? Just download our project document.

Wanna be part of this project? Feel free to contact us and ask to be part of this project team.

Sports Open Data is waiting for you, wanna be part of our Open Organization. Be ready to contribute!

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