Roberto Basile

After a football player career in Italy, Roberto Basile has been a refree in Switzerland leagues. He has obtained “Istruttore Coni FIGC” degree and has trained in several youth teams.

More than “Istruttore Coni FIGC” degree Roberto has also a UEFA B certification as coach: in this last period he has worked on match videoanalysis with interesting collaboration with Italian Federation amateur teams and by using professional software. For videoanalysis he usually works with cameras to make specific work for every single area.

He’s really passionate of football tactics history and with several football history books he has an interesting multimedia archive where have been stored full video of famous matches analyzed in a tactical way: older matches comes from ’60s.

Roberto Basile studies hard on match stats and analyzes match data by discovering interesting and relevant data by comparing them in different leagues and matches.

His football stats idea has been stored in a phrase that has been used mostly by passed away Lobanovsky (URSS coach in 80s), probably one of the most important coach in numeric/scientific approach to football. His phrase was:”Everything is a number!”.
Personal Data:
Name & Surname: Roberto Basile
City and Date of Birth: Varese (VA), March 12, 1966
Degree: University Degree
Job (not in Sports World): Freelance Teacher

Phone Number: Not Available
Email: [email protected]
Skype: robebas
Facebook: Not Available
Twitter: Not Available
Google Plus: Roberto Basile on Google+
Linkedin: Not Available

Followed Leagues:
Not Available

Career in Sports:
Coach / Video Analyst

Football Refree
Video Analyst in Italian Amateur Teams (LND - Serie D)

Courses & Certifications:
Istruttore Coni FIGC
UEFA B Coach

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