Optimized Search with Team Identifier

Try our new search with Team Identifier on standings and matches APIs: get data resulted faster and easier to use with this more performing index.

As you know, Soccer Sports Open Data APIs are available, until next season, in beta version; according to this kind of version now it’s possible to search for standing and matches for a specific team simply by searching them with its team identifier.

But, what kind of difference there’s trough Team ID and Team Identifier? Consider that with our new data integration system our IT Team is working on we’ve thought about create a unique ID for every team will be insert in our database; differ to a simple team ID this kind of solution could improve your API experience and make your search faster than ever.

Are you curious to feel this new kind of modification? Remember that you could try a large set of our APIs in our API Console.

Stay tuned on Sports Open Data next weeks!! We’re going to introduce you interesting new feature that could allow you to start using our services in a stable way.

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