Riccardo Quatra

Riccardo Quatra was born in Palermo on January 19, 1973 but he lives and works in Milan. He has been graduated in Educational Science. After he has been graduated, he try to transform, successfully, his passion about information technology in his job: based pricipally on web, he has a 15 years old experience about everything works around digital information. Riccardo partecipated in a lot of independent web editorial projects and he also take part, as a tutor, professional courses about E-Commerce and Web Programming.

During his job experience he specialize himself in distributed web services through API, like SOAP XML and RESTful services. Last years for works and personal needs he focus his attention on Framework PHP Symfony 2. During his professional career he gained SEO experience thanks to his collaboration with web marketing professionals.

He loves read books and watch TV Series and his favourite football team is Palermo (of course it’s his hometown); when he has free time he loves spend time with his family outdoor maybe riding a bike.

Personal Data:
Name & Surname: Quatra Riccardo
City and Date of Birth: Palermo (PA), January 19, 1973
Degree: Educational Science Graduated
Job (not in Sports World): Software Developer c/o Contactlab

Phone Number: +39 328 3090270
Email: [email protected]
Skype: riccardo.quatra
Facebook: Riccardo Quatra on Facebook
Twitter: @RiccardoQuatra
Google Plus: Riccardo Quatra on Google+
Linkedin: Riccardo Quatra on LinkedIn

Followed Leagues:

Serie A

Career in Sports:
No Career.

No Trophies.

Courses & Certifications:
Sports Center Management @UISP Palermo

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