Case Study: Mister Manager

Today we’re going to discover another website that uses Sports Open Data widget to deliver standings and results of main european leagues and this time it’s an italian soocer scouting website. is a soccer scouting blog managed by Claudio Damiani. “UEFA A” Pro Coach and with an advanced knowledge in IT - he’s a pro F.I.G.C. scout, SICS certified Match & Video Analyst and also a blogger on several website. Currently under contract on Venezia F.C. and former technical collaborator for S.S.C. Napoli.

Sports Open Data helps to get immediately a widget with standings, results and top scorers for Serie A league: mostly based on italian leagues, talks about techincal analysis on Serie A matches and, moreover, on training purposes and also on match analysis again on Serie A.

On you’re able to get a “green” version of Sports Open Data widget that you could find on our website.

If you would like to see Sports Open Data example you should go on their Mister Manager Home Page. You should find it on right sidebar.

Mister Manager is the first Soccer News website is using our widget to get immediately our data on its website. Why should you use it? Simply because it’s all open data, so you haven’t any kind of problem about licensing of data you’re delivering to your users: every data you get from Sports Open Data is licensed under Creative Commons license so feel free to use it and to distribute it as you like.

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