List of Events now available

Hey guys how are you? It’s a long period that we’re not writing anything but, first of all you’ve to know that Sports Open Data is not dead: other way we’re working really hard to improve our performances and we’re waiting to start with a new life in Open Data World; about that you’ve to be patient and to wait for few weeks to discover some news about that.

We’ve found some bugs on our apis and we’ve solved them and we’ve thought to create a new endpoint about events available on our APIs. It’s really important for you because, thanks to this result, you’re able to loop on all events type available and find them dynamically on match details.

How should I discover the events? Simply use the following API:

What do you think about this endpoint? Are you looking for a new one that is currently unavailable? Feel free to tell us about what you need or what you think about Sports Open Data APIs by Skype, Email or simply with a comment: we’re going to answer you as fast as possible to help you integrate this incredibile Sports Open Data service.

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