Discover Sports Open Data Terms and Conditions

Hey Guys! Sports Open Data is working hard to make its APIs better day by day: we’re looking for a new technology to deliver you a faster service and a more interesting platform to use. Today is a great day! It’s available, from now, our Terms and Conditions page where you could discover Sports Open[…]


New API Available for Players and Top Scorers

Hi Guys! We’re glad to annunce that they’re now 2 new API available for players and top scorers: Season Top Scorers ({league_slug}/seasons/{season_slug}/topscorers) Season Teams Available Players ({league_slug}/seasons/{season_slug}/teams/{team_slug}/players) Take a look to our API and feel free to make us requests to make our service better than ever! Take a look to our forum ( to[…]


Now available Serie A results and standings

Sports Open Data is glad to introduce on its REST API service Serie A results and results at the end of every round. It’s a really important step for us, because Serie A results and standings are the first checkpoint we would like to catch: and we do that. We’ve to say thank you to[…]


Partecipate to Sports Open Data Forum

It’s now available, on Sports Open Data, a community forum to be more part of our organization. We’re very pleased to annunce to everybody that, from today, it could be possible to be part of Sports Open Data also through our community forum available from our menu, simply by click on “Forum” label, and of[…]


Soccer Sports Open Data API available on Mashape

It’s a great day for Sports Open Data Development Team: Soccer Sports Open Data API are now available on Mashape. Mashape is the Cloud API Marketplace where developers can easily consume Cloud APIs to integrate in their next project, and where existing APIs can be distributed to the community and monetized. It’s really important for[…]


Serie A Teams Calendar on ApiGee Console

We’ve finally updated our ApiGee Console ToGo with all Serie A Teams Calendar for the further incoming seasons. After we’ve introduced our ApiGee Console and Serie A TIM Calendar in our previous post, in this further post we’re going to introduce to you Serie A Teams Calendar on ApiGee Console. Simply by using as parameter[…]


Sports Open Data API available on ApiGee

Would you like to test Sports Open Data Api? Take a look on our ApiGee Console. We’re glad to announce to you that it’s now available our Console on ApiGee ( There’re two ways to use it: 1. You could access to direct URL of our Console 2. You could access directly to our website[…]

Inter FC Calendar 2015/16

We’ve seen in yesterday post that it could be possible to get a full Serie A Calendar 15/16 but how should I get a single one like, e.g., Inter FC Calendar? In Sports Open Data you’re able to get all the rounds for a specific team simply by calling rounds api by adding a parameter,[…]

Serie A Calendar Rounds 2015-16

In July 27th 2015 in Expo Milan 2015 Lega Serie A has drafted Serie A Calendar Rounds for next incoming season 2015-16. During this event, broadcasted worldwide, are present a lot of personalities: old players, old managers, former World Champions and so on; everyone has been there to watch which could be the Serie A[…]

AC Milan Standings 2014-2015

As the last post about standings of Serie A, we’re going to look how to get data about a specific team into season standings. For example we could try to get AC Milan standings 2014-2015. If you’ve followed Serie A TIM in 2014-2015 probably you know that Juventus has won the league over Roma and[…]