AC Milan Standings 2014-2015

As the last post about standings of Serie A, we’re going to look how to get data about a specific team into season standings. For example we could try to get AC Milan standings 2014-2015.

If you’ve followed Serie A TIM in 2014-2015 probably you know that Juventus has won the league over Roma and Lazio that they’ve fight until last round to get second position. Fiorentina, Napoli and Sampdoria get Europa League position in Serie A league so some big teams, like FC Internazionale or AC Milan, has not reached an european qualification for the next incoming season. But how did they go in Serie A Standings 2014-2015?

First of all we’ve to find out the team_id of AC Milan: to do that you’ve simply to read the last post on Sports Open Data and you’ll find out that team_id of AC Milan is 2.

So, after you get it, you could call the following URL to get AC Milan Standings 2014-2015:

Would you like to discover FC Internazionale position? Simply follow the step over, find out team_id for FC Internazionale (simply Inter in Italy) and discover its standing in seasons 2014-2015.

In this way you’re able to compare standings for 2 teams in a same season or same team in different seasons: simply by changing the data you need!

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