Now Available Serie A 2016/2017

New season is coming and of course is now available first league on Sports Open Data API: Italian Serie A. From 3 weeks to Serie A kick off, Sports Open Data has finished is migration on new servers and now first league is available. Italian Serie A 2016-2017 could be request on our APIs, here[…]


Now available Serie A results and standings

Sports Open Data is glad to introduce on its REST API service Serie A results and results at the end of every round. It’s a really important step for us, because Serie A results and standings are the first checkpoint we would like to catch: and we do that. We’ve to say thank you to[…]

AC Milan Standings 2014-2015

As the last post about standings of Serie A, we’re going to look how to get data about a specific team into season standings. For example we could try to get AC Milan standings 2014-2015. If you’ve followed Serie A TIM in 2014-2015 probably you know that Juventus has won the league over Roma and[…]

Who’s third in Serie A Standings 2014-2015?

In yesterday post we’ve seen which is the final Serie A Standings 2014-2015, today we’re going to go into this information by discover how to get a specific position. As we saw with the following API: http://soccer.sportsopendata.net/v1/leagues/serie-a/seasons/14-15/standings it’s possible to get, with a single URL, a complete standings for a league, in our specific case,[…]

Serie A Standings 2014-2015

In this post we’re going to discover probably the first API request that involves real data to be returned.: in this case we’re going to ask to Sports Open Data which is the final Serie A standings. Doing this request is quite simple, you’ve only to reach the following url: http://soccer.sportsopendata.net/v1/leagues/serie-a/seasons/14-15/standings As you can see[…]