Serie A Standings 2014-2015

In this post we’re going to discover probably the first API request that involves real data to be returned.: in this case we’re going to ask to Sports Open Data which is the final Serie A standings.

Doing this request is quite simple, you’ve only to reach the following url:

As you can see it apperas a long JSON that contains all the data you need to elaborate statistics about Serie A Standings. Just to understand it better, look further for an explanation of what every field means and what you could do with each one:

  • position is the position of a team into season standing
  • team_id is the unique identifier of a team: it’s really important because could allow you to make advanced searches on standings (we’re going to see how next days)
  • team is just the associated to team_id (it’s quite difficult to remember that Juventus is just “1”)

After this first three fields you find 3 other objects called overall, home and away: each one of this object contains standings data about all the matches played (overall), the matches played at home (home) and the ones played far from home (away). In each of this 3 objects you can find the following field relative to Serie A Standings:

  • wins is the number of matches win by the team
  • draws is the number of draws collected during a season by a team
  • losts is the number of matches that a team lost in a season
  • points is the number of points collected during the season
  • scores is the number of goal scored by a team
  • conceded is the number of goal conceded by a team during a season
  • last_5 is the trend of a team in last 5 matches: in this case W is considered a Win, N a draw and L a lost.

You’ve also another field out of this object, penalization_points (that it could be really important expecially this season with Parma default) that indicates the absolute value of points that a team has to be taken out in standings for a specific team.

So now you’re able to see Serie A Standings for last season, but are you ready also to get the one for next season? Yeah, that’s really simple: just take a look to this API request,

Enjoy your Serie A Standings…

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