How many seasons for a league?

Today we’re going to discover better another API request you could find on Sports Open Data. In previous post we’ve seen which leagues are available on Sports Open Data: in this post we’re going to check, for a league available in last API discovered, how many seasons are available to get data for.

To do that you’ve simply to get a request to the following URL:

In this specific example, you’re able to get seasons available for Serie A league.

You’ll receive a JSON response of seasons where every season has been composed by the following attributes:

  • seasons_slug is the name of the season you’ve to insert into URL to get specific data for a requested season (we could see how in next posts)
  • name is the real name of the season, e.g. 2014-2015
  • season_start is the season start date (date time format is Y-m-dTH:i:sO)
  • season_end is the season end date (date time format is Y-m-dTH:i:sO)

This API could be useful because could allow you to discover if you could have real data for a league in current season or you’ve only historical data and for which season.

For today that’s all, we’re going to open a website forum in short time where you could put your ideas and opinions about our website and apis: if you would like to comment it now, just contact us by form or by using contacts in footer. Anyway you could simply comment to this post.

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