Which are the leagues?

Welcome to the first post where you can really find what sports open data is going to provide you by calling its API REST service.

To start with an example we’re going to introduce to you this API that could help you to answer a question like “Which Leagues are available on Sports Open Data?”

To do that, just click on the following URL: http://soccer.sportsopendata.net/v1/leagues

You could see that this request could answer like this one:

  • leagues will contain a list of leagues that would be available on Sports Open Data.

Every leagues element is composed, of course, by a league. A league is composed by the following fields:

  • id is the league identifier
  • league_slug just a slug that could be used for further search on a specific league
  • name is the league name
  • nation is the “league nationality” or, if you prefer, the nation where a league is played in
  • level is the grade of a league in nation; e.g. Serie A is the main league in Italy so we could define it as 1, Serie B as 2, and so on…
  • federation is the federation to which a league is associated for

That’s all for the first example, in further posts we’re going to discover a specific league and some specification about a league. Stay tuned on Sports Open Data to know more.

So, what do you think about this anticipation of Sports Open Data? Let us know by comment this post, contact us by contact form or simply by using our contacts: it’s really important for us to know more about your experiences and needs to create the best Sports Open Data website ever.


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