Serie A Teams 2015-2016

On July 29th for Serie A Tim is an important day: it’ll be the draft day where calendar will be created and Serie A Teams would know which could be their future.

Of course at this time it’s impossible for us to guess which could be Serie A Tim calendar: we could try to think about that maybe in a way to make it more simple for our favourite team or maybe with a big match at first round. What we know, at this time, is just which Serie A Teams will play in next incoming season.

You could retrieve this information, also, through Sports Open Data. If you would like to know which are the teams that they’re going to play in next Serie A Tim season just use the following URL:

As you could see the response has been structured in the following way:

  • id is the unique identifier for a team: all Serie A Teams in Sports Open Data has one
  • team_slug is the slug of the team, we can discover in further days why this field could be more important.
  • name is the team name, of course to make you able to use it in your websites

As in previous APIs of course you could find teams of previous season, the 2014-2015 one, simply by changing the seasons value like in this way:

We’re going to discover, in next days, how to get standing position for a specific team.

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