Sports Open Data API available on ApiGee

Would you like to test Sports Open Data Api? Take a look on our ApiGee Console.

We’re glad to announce to you that it’s now available our Console on ApiGee ( There’re two ways to use it:

1. You could access to direct URL of our Console

2. You could access directly to our website simply by clicking on API Console

Yes, but what’s ApiGee? Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business. ApiGee helps companies – from disruptive start-ups to the Fortune 100 – use their enterprise data and services to create connected digital experiences for customers, partners and employees. This is digital business.

So it’s a really important step over our Api Service the access to ApiGee. On ApiGee Console you’re able to check every API status and you could perform simply and easy test to check out results on real cases: you’re able to test and check every sample API delivered and check out results to understand better which logic is behind every one.

Try to use and feed us a feedback about that, what do you think about it? Do you think it could be interesting? We’re waiting to get you experience about and provide you day by day a better API service nearer to your needs.

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