Serie A Calendar 2015/16

We have explained in yesterday post about Serie A Calendar 2015/16 rounds dates: today is the day to get all the matches in the calendar.

Probably this API it could be one of the more interesting, of course is the one more “on fire” during these days where the new Serie A Calendar 2015/16 has been drafted and with it all the matches. So today i’m going to explain you how to get all the matches for a specific round: of course it could be considerable really strict, you get the matches of only one round, but if you use the rounds API method you’re able to get, with just simple code snippet, the complete Serie A Calendar 2015/16 completely for free but, more over, completely re-usable.

How to get matches for a specific round? Simply use the following api:

As you could you get a result that contains two object: a rounds object that contains all you need to know about this rounds, like start and end dates maybe, and also matches object where you could find all the matches that they’re going to be played in that round. Matches object has been structured in the following way:

  • id is the unique identifier of a match
  • match_slug is the slug of a match, it’s really important because it could be used to get specific match in further apis.
  • date_match is the date and time of a match
  • home_team is the team that it’s going to play the match in hometown
  • away_team is the team that it’s going to play away match

You could do the same call for every round available in Serie A Calendar 2015/16: let’s do it and you get all the Serie A Calendar for free… Let’s try it and give us your feedback.

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