Sports Open Data Coverage

It has been passed a lot of time from last post, but we’ve spent it to create our benchmark: let me introduce to you Sports Open Data Coverage Table.

When you’re going to use our open data dataset the first question you’re going to ask it for is usually the following one: which kind of data have you got on your dataset? It’s a really simple question but also difficult to explain because it’s not so “easy-to-use” understand how much deep a data is and how it should be on different leagues available on Sports Open Data dataset during different seasons.

So you’re able, from Sports Open Data Coverage Table, to get 3 different kind of availability:

  • YES, means that data has been fully covered for the specific league in a defined season.
  • INCOMPLETE, means that you should find some data but coverage has not been completed.
  • MISSING, means that there’s no data for that specific league in defined season.

How should Sports Open Data Coverage Table should help you? As I told you first of all allow you to understand what should be available from our dataset: moreover make you able to ask for a specific data that should be missing or incomplete to be completed to help your business growing.

Don’t you know how to contact us? Feel free to ask via Skype, Email or simply by using our social network channels: we’re here to help you use our open data dataset and make our dataset grow day-by-day.

Where should i find the Sports Open Data Coverage Table? We’ve changed Our Service page to make our benchmark more clear with a full transparency for what are you going to use from us: if you’ve any kind of suggest feel free to notify to us and help us make it better.

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