Team Foundation and Website available for Serie A and Serie B

Interesting update for italian leagues Serie A and Serie B with new information for team details.

It’s now available, for every team in Serie A and Serie B for seasons included into our dataset, new information about Year of Foundation and Website; you’ve to consider that Year of Foundation is to be consider the first foundation of a specific team and it’s not available any possibile refundation after the first one.

About the website, we deliver into our dataset the current site.

Serie A data should be available from season 2000-2001; Serie B data should be available from 2015-2o16 season.

In further updates it should be available these info in other leagues in our dataset: just wait few days to get it on our APIs.

Take a look on Sports Open Data Coverage Table available on this link

If you find any kind of problem or something that don’t work as well, feel free to contact us and tell us: we’re going to correct it as fast as possible to deliver you correct data in open data way.

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