Case Study: Key2Play

After the first 2 case studies about News and Betting it’s now time to discover the first software house that uses Sports Open Data: Key2Play

By their passion for digital entertainment, technologies and creativity comes their challenge.
They are constantly looking for new ways aimed to improve your interaction with your customer engaging them and looking for new ways to understand in advance what they will need.
Key2Play team is an excellent mix of Creativity, Technology, User Experience/Human focused design and Gambling Market Experts.


Key2Play allow you to chat with your customers using AI algorithms, and let them interact with your platform whenever they want.

With a great experience in gamification Key2Play could help you make your business grow up:

  • Gamification can help you to find new customers and attract them in your platform
  • High Churn rate? Is your platform well-designed following human focused principles?
  • You can offer fun and original experience, entertaining the users on the platform

Key2Play also allow you to increase your market with consulting in Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning with an impressive experience in IT Gambling Area.

Remember to check it out our Who Use SOD page and discover who use Sports Open Data for their business.

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