Service Improvement - Serie A & Serie B available in 60 minutes

Not only increase dataset is a quality improvement: also service level improvement help us to be more competitive and help you use our data in your business.

At this time Sports Open Data release without any kind of Service Level Agreement its dataset: it’s important to understand because there’s no deadline data could be available in Open Data, to all of you, through our API Service on Mashape.

During these months for us it’s important to understand what you need and what could be useful for your business or your personal projects: one of the most important feedback we receive is that our data “has been updated a little slowly”.

That’s why, thanks for the use and feedbacks come from some italian customers, we’re going to improve our “update time” from 24 hours (as it was at this time) to 60 minutes from the end of the match. It’s an important service improvement that, of course, could you probably feel also in other leagues.

Consider that, at this time, we’re going to consider for “60 minutes” updates only Serie A and Serie B: anyway also other leagues could get an osmosis Service Improvement; if you could be interested to improve also the service level of other leagues feel free to contact us through Facebook, Skype or Email.

Are you interested to use our Open Data stats in your business but you need something more: feel free to ask us what you need; we’re going to evaluate your needs to improve our service and help you approach Open Data.

We hope you’re happy to see this service improvement, feel free to give us your feedback and tell us what you think about that and what you would like to improve in future.

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