Premier League Day 3 … in Open Data

Manchester United is alone at the head of Premier League 2017/2018 with a 3 on 3 in the first 3 matches during this season.

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Day 3 - Results

Json Feed: Premier League - Day 3 - Results

Clear win for Manchester United against former 2014/2015 Premier League winners Leicester City with an home 2-0 that allow Mourinho’s team to stay in front on each one with 9 points in 3 matches. Shocking home win for Liverpool with a strong 4-0 against Arsenal and another important result for Huddersfield Town that get a 0-0 against Southampton with another important point to remain in Premier League 2017/2018. The other teams of Manchester (City) get an away 2-1 win against Bournemouth.

Day 3 - Next Round

Json Feed: Premier League - Day 3 - Next Round

First match of Day 4 is also its first match: on saturday 9/9 after national Qualifier matches its a shocking matches opening Day 4; Man City - Liverpool probably it’s most important that it could appear. With Man Utd with an easier match against Stoke City (4 points in 3 matches) City and Liverpool could lose both points from first place. A good chance for Huddersfield Town that goes away against West Ham (0 points in 3 matches). Another interesting match will be Leicester City - Chelsea.

Day 3 - Standings

Json Feed: Premier League - Day 3 - Standings

First place for Man Utd with a perfect way at this time with a 3 on 3 and 9 points that allow Mourinho’s team to stay over everyone. After them 4 teams based from favorites and underdogs: City, Liverpool, Huddersfield Town and WBA try to not lose more points from the leader. At the bottom of the Premier League 3 teams with 0 points: West Ham, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace; could they be relegation candidate?

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