Napoli: could it be this season “the Season”?

First place in Italian Serie A, over any other team, allow us to ask an interesting question: could it be this season “the Season”?

Maurizio Sarri has done a great work with Napoli during these years: a good work done day by day that allow the italian manager to become one of the more estimated managers all over the world. Anyway, as every single manager along the world, there’s something bad also for Mister Sarri: over 2 years without wins and with an amazing team, this could be “the Season”; with a shocking draw for Juventus against Atalanta, Napoli has reached an unbelievable streak of 7 wins in 7 matches.

Let’s try to compare Napoli’s season to other leaders around big-5 leagues and let’s understand better if Napoli is going to do something unique or if it’s simple a good start and nothing more.


As I’ve told before Napoli has done an incredible streak of a 7 wins in a row. Anyway it’s not the team with more points in Europe: as you could see PSG with an amazing attack built with Neymar, Cavani and Mbappè has more points than Azzurri, but with a game more than italian team (7 wins and 1 draw). So let’s check out Barca season and we see the same road Napoli has been doing: 7 wins in a row also for “blaugrana” with a shocking start that, at this time, seems to put Liga in a one-way league.


One of the most important quality of Napoli is, of course, its amazing attack: Mertens, Insigne, Callejon it’s one of the most impressive attack area all over Europe. Anyway, moreover in Italy, it’s defense than attack that helps a team to win Serie A. So Napoli it’s the best attack at this time (excluded PSG with one more game) with 2 more goals than Barcellona: anyway Napoli has conceded more goals than any other leader in big-5; this is an important thing to work on for Maurizio Sarri that needs to be stronger in Napoli’s defense phase. An improvement in this area probably could allow Napoli win some particular matches that, at this time, has not won (like Shakthar defeat in Champions League).


Looking to this two graphs, probably Napoli should now to be considered one of the top teams in Europe, a team that could be evaluated like Barcellona. If Napoli improves its defensive area probably should reach also a great result in Serie A and help Maurizio Sarri wins a trophy during this season.

All the data viewed in this post has been done with Sports Open Data dataset: feel free to try our dataset through Mashape and feel free to ask us for any question.

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