New Head 2 Head API Request

After few weeks we’re working hard on our infrastructure and we’re glad to introduce a new api request: Head 2 Head.

What does it means H2H? Well it’s quite simple. Would you like to know how two teams, in a league, during a season are they going to play against or maybe would you like to know how the go in their previous matches? Now with our new attribute you’re able to do that and, more interesting, you’re able to that also on our historical data.

If you would like to know an head 2 head against 2 teams you could simply add these attributes to rounds request:{team_1}&team_2_slug={team_2}

where team_1 and team_2 are team_slug values like e.g.: juventus or inter.

As you could see head 2 head has been available only for the specified season, so to do that you need to do this request for every year you need it.

It’s time for new feature here in Sports Open Data so… stay tuned and ask for everything you need on our socials, contact us or simply comment this post.

We’re here to help you use our open data now and more…

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