Half Time Results for Serie A 2016-2017

New updates available for Serie A 2016/2017: now you could find half time results on Soccer Sports Open Data API.

We’re working hard to improve Sports Open Data quality dataset and we’re also spent some money on data entry activities to complete our dataset and give you a service better day by day: for this activity we’ve to thanks a lot Massimo Collu that works hard to give to all of you, for free and open data, half time results for Serie A 2016-2017.

An interesting attribute that you could be able to see on Sports Open Data Coverage Table and that is only the starting point for an important step forward for our quality dataset: we’re going to complete all the dataset for serie A 2016-2017 with also match assistants and assist men for every single match.

An important improvement for Sports Open Data that would like to give you the best service in Open Data way: hope you appreciate our works and you would like to get one of our plans on Mashape (https://market.mashape.com/sportsop/soccer-sports-open-data) that allow us to improve more, also on other leagues, quality dataset available to everyone: everything available of course also for free.

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