Corriere della Sera talks about Sports Open Data

It’s a very important day for Sports Open Data because today we’re able to link an interesting article that talk about us.

We’ve passed a very happy weekend in these days because we’ve discovered that one of the most important daily journal in Italy, Corriere della Sera, has published an article that talks about Sports and Open Data. Of course, in this case, they also talk about Sports Open Data and what we deliver to everyone of you every day.

It’s an important step forward for us for more things: firstly one of the most important journals in Italy talks about an argument that it’s usually not a top trend; not only: over there talks about us and about the possibility to improve business with open data (yes, you could do that and with really poor costs).

If you would like to check it out our article feel free to join this link:

We hope to increase our dataset and I suggest you to stay tuned next weeks because we’ve some interesting new things in Sports Open Data that comes from an interesting discussion made on reddit previous weeks, if you would like to read this thread:

Are you curious? Hope yes, and also I hope you stay tuned and discover what we’re going to introduce next weeks: if you would like to increase your business I think that you should discover really interesting new things; new leagues? dataset improvement? I could answer you with simply one word… Maybe!


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