New Pricing Plans: from 0$ to 200$ how to use our APIs

We’ve started just two months ago with our Sports Open Data pricing plans and we’ve received a great interests about that.

Currently on Mashape you’re able to check our pricing plans available to use Sports Open Data APIs: there’re 4 available plans from 0$ (we’re open data guys, so let’s try to use it for free) with a rate limit of 100 requests daily to 200$ with unlimited requests.

Wanna discover more? Check them out at this link:

Are you looking for new leagues or do you want more details for leagues already covered? Feel free to contact us for a private plan: we’re able to quote more than 1 league to make you available to consider how to improve your business in an agile way and without break your costs in short time by define a more flexible monthly subscription.

Remember that all Sports Open Data dataset should be regulated under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License: if you want to get more info feel free to check it out from this link. Shortly we just remember to you that you’re able to reuse, resell in any kind of way all Sports Open Data dataset simply by attribute our website (not mandatory but suggested).

Do you need more info about our pricing plans? Feel free to contact us and get more info; we’re available on all our channels: email, skype or on social networks.

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