Discover Sports Open Data 2016/2017

Next season is going to start and Sports Open Data is ready to follow it by new interesting leagues and activities that could make you happier than ever.

First of all just keep you updated about, in an year, Sports Open Data has grown from nothing to what is at this time:

  • We’ve followed Italian Serie A League with standings, results and detailed stats at the end of a round, at least in 24 hrs from last match in round.
  • We’ve created some widgets regarding Serie A league (you could find one on currently available on our website
  • We’ve created a detailed documentation currently available on Mashape where in less than 6 months we get more than 400 developers that follows us and our APIs: on Mashape you could also open issues if you find errors or simply if you would like to be updated about what we do and we will do.
  • We’ve reached 100 followers on Twitter based from developers, data integrators, curious people and Open Data interested actors.
  • We’ve deliver real-time standings and results for UEFA Euro 2016 and we’ve created a Telegram Application to make you able to get info about the competition.

If you think that simply 12 months ago we’ve nothing of what we’ve written before what we’re going to introduce probably will make you crazy.

Are you curious? Well simply read more…

  • We’re going to follow, before the end of September (hey guys we need some holiday here… ), all the main leagues in Europe with Italian Serie A standards. So consider that on Sports Open Data API you’re going to found Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga data available at the end of a round.
  • We’re going to follow, for the first time, also minor leagues: in this case we’re going to follow Italian Serie B league but, during the season, we could start with more leagues if we’d receive request in that way; about that feel free to contact us if you need specific data about particular leagues.
  • We’ll try to deploy a first version of a mobile application that could make you available to track live data results and help us to monitor leagues all over the world: consider that this app probably will start in a beta version in the second part of this season.
  • We’re going to deploy more API methods to make your experience on our APIs more interesting: if you need some specific API requests feel free to ask to us by contact module.
  • We would like to increase our services and we would like to help all of you create your project by using our Open Data: feel free to contact us if you need a free support or simply if you would like to share some idea.

Amazing, don’t you think? Stay tuned on Sports Open Data in further weeks and you’re going to find interesting news and updates about incoming season.

Next season is coming, Sports Open Data too!

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