Premier League 2016/2017 on Sports Open Data

Finally…. has been come! Premier League 2016/2017 stats now available on Sports Open Data.

We’ve promise to all of you that, in few weeks, we should start with Premier League results and standings for season 2016/2017: after a great “nightly” work we’ve finished all the works to make you available English Premier League data for next incoming season.

Terms of service is as same as Italian Serie A League service: you should find results, standings, teams and much more; feel free to discover more our APIs and if you find something wrong consider to open an issue on Mashape (where you could find our documentation) or simply contact us from our website.

Here some examples of what you could with Premier League 2016/2017 Open Data:

  • Premier League Teams 2016/2017 ( )
  • Premier League Standings 2016/2017 ( )
  • Premier League Rounds 2016/2017 ( )
  • Premier League Round 1 2016/2017 ( )
  • Manchester United Calendar 2016/2017 ( ). You could generate your team calendar simply by using the right team identifier.

Remember that next weeks you should find new leagues on Sports Open Data. In this case stay tuned on our website or remember to check frequently our service page on SOD Website.

If you need to try all the APIs you could search for them on Mashape or you could simply get a Sports Open Data experience through our API console delivered by ApiGee

Have a nice Premier League 2016/2017 Season with Sports Open Data stats.


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