Sports Open Data on Wind Transparency Forum

How is important Sports and Open Data synergy? Let’s discover it in this article on Wind Transparency Forum.

Sports Open Data is a startup project really interesting but it lives in a market with a lot of competitors: it’s quite difficult to make it visible as it should and one of the most important places are blogs like Wind Transparency Forum.

Wind Transparency Forum is an italian idea that would like to promote and make visible Open Data initiative (not only governative one): their goal is to try to explain to their audience the importance of Open Data dataset.

Open Data and Sports probably, at this time, are on two different planets: really poor visibility the first, huge popularity for the second; how should be linked? With an interesting project and a lot of work. All Sports Open Data work day by day to improve functionalities, leagues and stats to make our dataset always more interesting for all of you.

If you would like to read the post on Wind Transparency Forum here for you the link:

The article is in italian: if you would like a translation or would you like to make an interview to us feel free to contact us on socials, by email or throught Skype. We’re here to make you able to understand better the importance of Open Data in Sport, we do that through Sports Open Data.

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