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It’s a busy period here in Sports Open Data: but we have spent some time to answer questions about sports and open data on Spremute Digitali.

On March 24th-25th we’re one of the official data providers for Sport & Wellness Area at HackTML event in Rome: an hackaton about Machine Learning where we provided completely free all our dataset for everyone would like to use our data for the event.

An interesting event that allow us to deliver in a different way our data and to get an interesting feedback about our data quality: a feedback that take importance because made by technician, made by people that “works on data everyday”.

Based on this event Spremute Digitali have interviewed us about Open Data and sports statistics: an interview that explain how important are open data at this time and how will become important in future.

If you would like to read the interview, you could find it at this link:

Would like to organize an hackaton and would you like to use our data for free? Contact us and we’ll plan with you how we could provide it.

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