New Cup Available: Europa League in Open Data

Just 1 week ago we announced Champions League in Open Data on Sports Open Data: now it’s time to announce Europa League in Open Data.

We received during last months a lot of emails about new competitions and new service that you need for your needs: it’s not so easy to cover all these leagues in Open Data but we’re doing a great investment to make them all available for you.

After last week announce Champions League in Open Data, this week is Europa League announcement: you’ll be able to do your requests on this season Europa League from qualifier matches and much more; Europa League increase its importance after the end of groups stage in Champions League cause great teams like Napoli and Atletico Madrid arrive in this great competition to play against other important teams like Lyon, Lazio and AC Milan.

All the stats will be available, as usual, in Open Data: 1 hour after the end of the match you should get all the stats about a specific match through our third party marketplace Mashape ( )

If you have any other request feel free to contact us by email, with a comment or simply on Facebook, Twitter and other socials: we’re to improve our service and to Open all the data we should.

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