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Here you can find all the information you need about english Premier League. Take a look to teams available and widgets for your websites. Here you can find all Soccer Open Data Premier League Widget that Sports Open Data could deliver you for free.

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Premier League Teams 2016-2017

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Premier League Standings, Results, Top Scorers Widgets

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9 thoughts on “Soccer Open Data – Premier League Widgets

  1. Hi All,

    I am undertaking a project in data analysis in Fantasy Premier League. Are these API’s workable on python 2.7 and how can I have the data of each and every individual player in the EPL.

    I would also like to thank you for this initiative.

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Varun,
      really thanks a lot for your comment. Our apis at this time could allow you to get only generic information about teams results and standings: we’re working hard to improve performances about that and we hope to deliver also this data in future.
      About compatibility with python 2.7 our APIs are JSON based so you’ve only to call our api url and get the data: json is easily manipulated also in python so it’s completely workable.
      If you need more info about our API documentation you could go on API DOCUMENTATION link in top menu.
      If you’ve more question feel free to ask and continue to follow us.


    1. Hi Ben,
      currently player info are available only for serie A teams.

      You’re able to get teams but not players (as in Our Service page).

      We hope to complete players data as soon as possible.


    1. You’re free to use it for everything you want: consider that all the data are open data. Read our terms for any doubt about that.


    1. Hi Micheal,
      really thanks a lot to contact us.

      Our APIs are REST API in json format so I think that it should be really simple to integrate them with WP REST API. For any kind of needs feel free to contact us and we should help you to implement your website.


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