Our Services

In this page you can see Sports Open Data available services. Remember to check it out frequently to keep updated about our service level and to ask us new services to be monitored.

Feel free to download our xls file or discover Sports Open Data Coverage Table from the webpage url: this table should be updated automatically so feel free to check it frequently to understand how our dataset would update in future.

Consider that there’re different kind of values for cells into coverage table:

YES: This data has been completed

INCOMPLETE: This data has been available but has not been completed

MISSING: This data has not been available

PROPOSAL: We’ve received some requests to insert this data and we’re analyzing it.



Excel: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SrmH_9qPuXCYRciL7BXJI0LDS9_Fw2kcrwJDHIDvYEU/pub?output=xlsx