How it Works

As described in home page Sports Open Data delivers sports analytics in Open Data way. But how really works Sports Open Data?

First of all, remember that to start using and getting Sports Open Data stats from our REST Api you don’t need to pay anything and you don’t need to be a customer of Sports Open Data: simply you’ve to register yourself on our website (by our registration form or simply by contact us); registration is completely free and we ask you only your email address and your name and surname (or your company name if you prefer). Thanks to your registration you allow us to deliver you our newsletter where you could receive API updates and fixes and also upgrades to service and much more.

Free usage of Sports Open Data API has a limitation: you’re allowed to do only 100 requests a day; it’ a limit needed to allow us to deliver our Open Data service in a good way to anyone who want it. How it works Sports Open Data rate limit? Quite simple: from midnight to midnight considering Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Is it too low? We don’t think so, because the only requests you shouldn’t do could be real-time data; anyway you should ask requests to our archive and then cache data on your system without calling Sports Open Data anymore. Should I do that? Of course because our data could be used with creative commons terms and because sports events completed should not change in future.

Maybe you’d like to use it without any kind of limitation for your business? It could also be possible simply by become a customer of Sports Open Data. Membership has not a fixed price: every request will be evaluated one by one to deliver you the service you really need; in our evaluation we’re going to discover better your needs and we try to allow you to get the best from our integration; this kind of approach allow you to get the best service at a lowest price. How should I get a no-limitation account? Simply register yourself as a limited account and then contact us: we’re going to discover more about your needs and then we prepare a detailed evaluation.

In future we’re going to open some working position like Country Managers for several countries and we’re going to increase our business to make Sports Open Data bigger day by day: to do that we also need your help to make our service better.

Would you like to discover more information about Sports Open Data? Just start contact us by contact form and first of all get in touch with us. We’re waiting for you.