What’s Sports Open Data?

Sports Open Data was a project born in June 2015 by Paolo Riva, Riccardo Quatra and Fabio Sgroi. This project starts by a basic need: create a platform that could deliver statistics data about several sports by using best technologies currently available (in our case API REST). All data will be structured by using conventional standard for web and not-web (like Java) application development. Sports Open Data could be defined a Data Hub: in fact not only we provide data through our service, but also we grab them through our Event Miner application that could be available for our “miners” (that we prefer to call “Scouts”). Thanks to them we’re able to deliver in near real time Sports stats in Open Data.

What’s an API REST?

API REST is just like a way we could provide the data to customers. Every available data on Sports Open Data could be available by a web address (a classic URL) that could allow a user to get, insert, modify or delete an information into the data (of course if a user has relative authorization to do that).

How should I use Sports Open Data service?

To use Sports Open Data service you’ve to choice one of the official marketplaces where our API has been stored. The most important one is Mashape ( https://market.mashape.com/sportsop/soccer-sports-open-data ); with a simple registration you’re able to access, also with a free plan, to our Open Data Hub.

Could you give me an example of API REST?

API REST works like we’re asking questions to Sports Open Data Data Hub, so you only need to create an URL syntactically correct to get the data needed. You could see in further questions some examples that could help you understand how it works.

An API REST Request (1)

Q: Which seasons are available for Serie A league on Sports Open Data?

A: Based on Mashape => https://sportsop-soccer-sports-open-data-v1.p.mashape.com/v1/leagues/serie-a

An API REST Request (2)

Q: How could I get Juventus roster for a specific season (i.e. Serie A 2017-2018) on Sports Open Data?

A: Based on Mashape: https://sportsop-soccer-sports-open-data-v1.p.mashape.com/v1/leagues/serie-a/seasons/17-18/teams/juventus/players

An API REST Request (3)

Q: How could I get Gianluigi Buffon (player identifier:3d670abe9a1d3f7580164eb36edf93a3) profile based on Serie A 2017-2018 on Sports Open Data?

A: Based on Mashape: https://sportsop-soccer-sports-open-data-v1.p.mashape.com/v1/leagues/serie-a/seasons/17-18/teams/juventus/players/3d670abe9a1d3f7580164eb36edf93a3

What should should return Sports Open Data API?

Every single request will return a JSON response. If you would like to check out which kind of structure has this json feel free to check it out on Mashape ( https://market.mashape.com/sportsop/soccer-sports-open-data ).

What’s a JSON?

A JSON is a data structure (like an xls or a csv file) that could be used by every kind of existing application. It’s size is usually less than an XML, currently the classic format for data export, so it’s faster on mobile connections. Moreover JSON is more flexible than an XML for data structures.

Why Sports Open Data?

Sports Open Data has a main goal: make all the data about sports available for everyone and in a completely free way. That’s way Sports Open Data could be defined as a Data Hub: data flow is not only in one-way (from Sports Open Data to you) but should be considered two-way (Scouts to Sports Open Data and Sports Open Data to Customers).

How much it costs Sports Open Data?

Sports Open Data could be used through one of our official marketplace, like Mashape ( https://market.mashape.com/sportsop/soccer-sports-open-data ) and every single marketplace will have a different price based on number of requests you do on that. Anyway in every marketplace you could find a free plan (so with no costs) that allow you to use our data for all your needs (also resell it for example). Take a look to our marketplace and check out which plan could fit on your needs.

Who are scouts you’re talking above?

Soccer world is rich of scouts that, for every kind of reason, couldn’t find a team or simply a work position. Sports Open Data offers of course visibility added to a small refund for every analysis done. More are the leagues, more could be the visibility. We could be able to offer several collaboration possibility like blogger, live event miner and so on.

Sports Open Data starts with soccer but could be catch other sports?

With our sustainability model, with adeguated profilation, every sports could be collected in Sports Open Data. Platform has been already created to support every kind of sports because we’ve already created all subdomains for our domain. So if soccer could be called by soccer.sportsopendata.net than basket could be available under basket.sportsopendata.net and so on. We’re working hard to increase our development team cause we’ll be able to follow more sports in future.

Could you provide also other services?

Sports Open Data is really integrated in several developers meetups: this allow us to keep in touch with developers that could also be signed for freelance work. Of course we’ve friendship with teams, players, agents and so on: if you need consulency in sports we’re able to do that so.

Which are your potential customers?

– Sports News Websites

– Professional Workers in Sports

– Teams

– Betting Websites or Betting Consulency Ws.

– Fantasy Game

– Our competitors (maybe…)

– Web agency or freelance web developer

How could evolve this product?

We’re going to increase our data hub details cause you’re able to have a better service day by day. Moreover we’re going to look up for new technologies included IoT and AI. You could be able to try our AI in every single page by click over robot button at the bottom of the page (also this page).

How could I contribute to product?

First of all you’ve to use our dataset: it’s important to improve its quality also thanks to your feedback. Another way to contribute is to help us with some activities like write blog posts or follow live events. Moreover feel free to contact us for your projects: we should be able to help you with partnership plans.
Have you got a question that is not here? Just contact us and we’re answering you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi its an awesome initiative. I have a question is this service free of cost or do you have any pricing for accessing API and data.

    1. Hi Jain, really thanks a lot for your interest in our service. Currently our APIs are on beta version and they’re completely free. In future, when we’ll close beta version for stable release, you could continue to use our APIs for free but with a limited number of request per day. Continue to follow us to discover new leagues and info about our services.

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