Serie A Calendar Rounds 2015-16

In July 27th 2015 in Expo Milan 2015 Lega Serie A has drafted Serie A Calendar Rounds for next incoming season 2015-16.

During this event, broadcasted worldwide, are present a lot of personalities: old players, old managers, former World Champions and so on; everyone has been there to watch which could be the Serie A Calendar Rounds.

From that moment a lot of websites reported the news and also the information about that draft: season has been composed with 38 rounds (called Giornata), will start on August 23rd 2015 and will finish on May 15th 2016 where, with Giornata 38, Serie A TIM 2015-16 will close its activity.

But when the rounds will be played? You could simply get it through Sports Open Data API to retrieve all Serie A Calendar Rounds. To do that, simply calling the following API:

Result returned has these fields:

  • id is the unique identifier of a round
  • name is the name of a round; as explained in Italy round has been called “Giornata” so Round 1 is “Giornata 1
  • start_date is the date when a round starts, this date it could be different from end_date because of anticipated matches (on Saturday for example) or posticipated (on Monday, as in Premier League).
  • end_date is the date when a round finishes, as explained in previous point it could be different from start_date
  • round_slug is the slug of a round: it’s really important because, as we could see next days, with round_slug we’re able to get list of matches for a specific round.

Keep updated on Sports Open Data: next days you’re able to get the API about Serie A TIM Calendar 2015-2016. Don’t miss it!

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